Encouraging PRMs to travel, Gatwick Airport releases a series of videos

Posted: 23 October 2019 | | No comments yet

Designed to inspire confidence, the videos demonstrate the possibilities for independent and semi-independent travel through the experiences of two PRMs.

Gatwick Airport has published three new videos with the aim of encouraging those with reduced mobility to travel, showing the journey through the airport from the perspective of two people with varying disabilities.

Sophie Bradbury-Cox, a wheelchair user, and Marc Powell, a partially-sighted Paralympian, both feature in the films. From their perspective, viewers can see what an airport experience is like for passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs). A demonstration is included in the videos, showing how the airport’s special assistance service works and how they work to make the passenger journey smoother.

Bradbury-Cox said: “It’s been fantastic to be able to show what it’s like for me, as a wheelchair user, to navigate around the airport. It can be an exciting and sometimes daunting experience, but at Gatwick, I was able to get the right help at the times I needed it”.

Powell agreed: “It’s great to work with Gatwick to highlight what it’s like for me to travel through a busy airport. Everyone’s different but for me, it’s important to retain a level of independence when travelling. I rely on accessing the infrastructure and when I can’t, being able to get assistance when I need it is key.” 

The airport has recently announced a new independent panel consisting of experts in the travel needs of PRMs to help develop Gatwick’s accessibility strategy.

On the subject, Gatwick Airport’s Accessibility Manager, Jack Bigglestone-Silk, said: “We want to be the UK’s most accessible airport and it’s important that we continue to work with passengers, charity partners and other experts to make that ambition a reality.”

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