MFlow helps Gatwick Airport win ‘Best Security and Immigration Experience’ award

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Gatwick Airport win the ‘Best Security and Immigration Experience’ award…


Human Recognition Systems would like to congratulate customer, Gatwick Airport on winning the ‘Best Security and Immigration Experience’ award at the recent Future Travel Experience Awards in Toronto.

It was Gatwick’s commitment to upgrading and modernising its security and immigration facilities as part of a £1billion investment to deliver a better passenger experience which helped the Airport scoop the accolade.

The award gave particular mention to the innovative passenger identification solutions integrated within the new £45m South Terminal Search Area. In operation since June 2011, Human Recognition Systems’ MFlow Track and MFlow Journey platforms were selected by Gatwick to help revolutionise the passenger experience and enhance security.

In a world first deployment of ‘iris at a distance’ technology and incorporating 30 iris recognition units integrated into advanced eGate lanes, MFlow Track has significantly helped improve passenger flow and heighten security within the South Terminal. This was achieved by associating passengers’ unique iris patterns to their boarding passes to prevent them from swapping with others in an attempt to board flights they are not authorised to.

Simultaneously the MFlow Journey platform deployed at Gatwick incorporates passive facial recognition technology to track and manage people flow through the Airport. Another world first deployment, this has provided Gatwick with the ability to view and respond to real-time passenger journey and queue measurement information helping to manage and reduce passenger queues whilst providing a truly future proofed capability.

As emphasised by this recent award it is clear that Gatwick Airport’s recent initiatives in upgrading its facilities have truly paid dividends in improving the overall passenger experience, with the average waiting time in the South Terminal Search Area now standing at just 107 seconds. Congratulations Gatwick.

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