Soaring to new heights of passenger experience and sustainability

Terry Daly, Executive Director of Guest Experience at Etihad Airways, tells International Airport Review about the airline’s new Airbus A350 and how it will be a game-changer for passenger experience and sustainability.

When the first of our Airbus A350s took off on an inaugural flight from Abu Dhabi to Paris in March 2022, it was a proud and thrilling moment for me personally and all my colleagues at Etihad Airways. Not only did we become the first UAE airline to operate the aircraft, but the flight was also a milestone step forward in guest experience – my particular focus – and sustainability, a priority for everyone in our industry.

Unique passenger experience

At Etihad, we pride ourselves on high-quality aircraft and an exceptional passenger experience. One look at the interior design of our A350s proves the point. Think ‘stylish’ and ‘calm’. The signature lighting detail is inspired by the shadows cast by palm trees in our home of Abu Dhabi, creating an ambient setting to optimise passengers’ sleep quality and minimise the impact of jet lag. The A350 also offers the quietest cabin experience on a widebody aircraft, a quality so important to passengers whether working or relaxing.

Our E-BOX entertainment system fights jet lag too, with a ‘dark mode’ designed to minimise the levels of light pollution to which passengers are exposed. To keep our guests entertained, we provide mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the aircraft, and we also make sure every passenger has blankets, pillows, and amenity kits on longer flights. Our guests in economy class enjoy our signature headrests, with USB charging ports and Bluetooth headphone pairing.

I know how much our passengers appreciate all the efforts we make to ensure they arrive relaxed and refreshed at their destination. The flying experience isn’t just about the seats or the food, but about how everything comes together. How do people feel when they leave your care?

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