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Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN)

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Weather Observation: Automating observation

12 June 2013 | By Kjell-Åke Westin, Airport Director, Stockholm Arlanda Airport

With 20 million passengers and a harsh Scandinavian climate to contend with, Stockholm Arlanda Airport requires accurate weather data to keep things moving. Airport Director, Kjell-Åke Westin, details the airport’s new automated weather observation system.


Friction testing in Sweden

30 November 2007 | By Fredrik Nilsson, Project Manager, Civil Engineering Department, Swedish CAA at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and Pär Blom, Training officer, Field Department, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

In the beginning of air traffic history only propeller aeroplanes were used. They had a landing speed of 60-100 km/h, compared to today’s jet aeroplanes which have a landing speed of 250-360 km/h. Therefore, in the past when friction did not seem as important, the airport personnel used their feet…


Twelve-month summer: friction testing at Arlanda

11 September 2006 | By Pär Blom, Training Officer – Field Department, Stockholm/Arlanda Airport

To ensure the safe take-off and landing of aircraft, it is essential for airports to provide pilots with an accurate assessment of runway surface conditions. Pär Blom explains the principles behind friction testing, one of aviation’s least celebrated, but most critical procedures.

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