International Airport Review’s 2019 awards 

The time has come for International Airport Review to again recognise and highlight industry progression, innovation and creativity. This year’s awards are focused on awarding excellence within airports, and we have homed in on four key topics within the airport industry plus a fifth readers’ choice award.

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How to enter

We welcome all airports – large or small – to nominate themselves. To do so please submit a summary of why you believe you deserve recognition in this field along with up to three supporting images (these should be no smaller than 400 x 400px). Please note, the submissions should reference projects/initiatives that were launched no earlier than January 2018. The winners will then be decided by an expert panel of judges.

We look forward to reading your submissions and will keep you updated on the shortlists. Make sure you submit your summaries and Airport of the Year votes by 19 August 2019!

IAR Awards 2019 Timeline


Award Categories

Most sustainable initiative

With the global threat of climate change, airports must do everything they can to reduce their impact on the environment. This includes – but is not limited to – reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, creating a better carbon footprint, encouraging biodiversity and improving waste and water management. This award recognises an airport that has shown dedication towards becoming more environmentally friendly and is now seeing successful results.

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Innovative design project of the year

In relation to promoting airports as destinations in themselves, innovation and new architectural ideas are being implemented in airport construction and expansion projects. This award identifies an airport that has incorporated practicality with inspiring design: Creating a ‘wow-factor effect’ for passengers travelling through.

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Best accessibility initiative

Ensuring all passengers – regardless of any additional needs or support that may be required – can comfortably and easily use an airport is imperative. Many initiatives have been launched worldwide to assist a variety of PRM needs (both physical and mental), and this award will recognise the most inspiring one so far.

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Best airside efficiency

With the industry focused on providing seamless travel through the terminal, it is sometimes easy to forget about the airside operations that occur on a day-to-day basis to ensure the airport can function efficiently. Quick turnaround times and effective ground-handling procedures are imperative: This award will be given to an airport that has been successful in securing said efficient airside operations.

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Readers' choice: Airport of the Year

Cast your votes on our Readers’ Choice Award page.


What previous winners have to say

Calgary Airport logoWinning this award serves to reinforce that we are on the right path towards achieving our North Star goal, great customer service and overall airport excellence.

– Calgary Airport Authority, Winner, Accessibility Award, 2018

St Helena Airport logoThis award is recognition by the aviation industry of the successful construction of an airport in one of the world’s remotest locations.

– St Helena Airport, Winner, Design Project of the Year, 2018

Budapest Airport logoParticipating and winning such a prestigious international award was a great achievement and honour for Budapest Airport.

– Budapest Airport, Winner, Environmental Awareness Award 2018

Hong Kong International Airport logoIt is a great honour for Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to be awarded Airport of the Year. Our 73,000-strong airport community is dedicated to delivering top-notch services and creating an excellent experience for all passengers, and maintaining HKIA as a leading international aviation hub.

– Airport Authority Hong Kong, Winner, Airport of the Year 2018


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