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Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) - Articles and news items

CANSO members in Africa sign declaration to implement joint initiative to improve ATM safety

Airport news  •  13 September 2016  •  International Airport Review

The companies that provide air navigation services across Africa have committed to a joint initiative to improve aviation safety across the continent...

Airways New Zealand awarded contract to assist Samoa airport upgrade

Airport news  •  15 June 2016  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

Samoa Airport Authority has awarded Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) Airways New Zealand a contract to assist with the upgrade of air traffic management systems and infrastructure at Faleolo International Airport.

Airways New Zealand to reduce airline charges by 4.7 percent

Airport news  •  31 May 2016  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

Air navigation service provider Airways New Zealand confirmed it would be decreasing prices for airlines by 4.7 percent over the next three years.

$2.4 million airfield safety project announced for Pacific countries

Airport news  •  14 October 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

New Zealand’s air navigation service provider Airways has announced plans for a $2.4 million project to enhance airfield safety in eight Pacific countries.

JANS to install TDU-14 type ATC information display system

Airport news  •  9 October 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

JANS, the Japanese Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), has signed a contract with NEC Corporation for the manufacture of the Total Information Display Unit (TDU)-14 type ATC information display system.

Europe’s Air Navigation Service Providers renew commitment to deliver SESAR

Airport news  •  6 October 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

Leaders of Europe’s Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) have renewed their pledge to work together to help deliver the Single European Sky ATM Research programme (SESAR).

The role of ANSPs in European aviation

Issue 5 2015  •  28 September 2015  •  Guenter Martis, Director European Affairs at CANSO

Air traffic management (ATM) provided by air navigation service providers (ANSPs) is the invisible part of the air transport value chain but it is the essential enabler for the air transport system. In this article Guenter Martis, Director European Affairs at CANSO, will lay out what ANSPs are doing to transform global ATM performance and the important steps that the EU institutions and States need to take to make it happen...

Foreword: An overview of the Borealis Free Route Airspace (FRA) programme

Issue 4 2015  •  28 July 2015  •  Olle Sundin, Chair of the Borealis Alliance Board

The Borealis Alliance was established in the summer of 2012 by nine North European Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) – the ANSPs of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and the UK. In 2014, the nine member ANSPs between them controlled more than 3.8 million flights, representing over 38% of European traffic. The Alliance was created out of recognition by those ANSPs that there were a number of challenges facing the ATM industry – the need to reduce costs, improve flight efficiency and reduce environmental impact – that were best addressed by cooperating on a commercial basis. Olle Sundin, Chair of the Borealis Alliance Board, gives an overview of the Borealis Free Route Airspace (FRA) programme, who is involved, the challenges to overcome, how it fits into SESAR and what benefits will follow...

Satellite technology gains ground

Issue 5 2012  •  3 October 2012  •  Stefan Naerlich, Head of Navigation Services, Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH and Hans-Jochen Kreher, Head of Satellite Navigation Department, Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) using ground-based augmentation are considered the future solution for precision approaches at airports. Airlines, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and manufacturers have been collaborating on a worldwide scale to expand the technology’s capabilities. EUROCONTROL’s SESAR and the FAA’s NextGen programmes are working towards replacing Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) with groundbased augmentation systems (GBAS).According to a market intelligence report conducted by the business media provider ATC Global, GBAS may provide considerable cost-savings. What’s more: GBAS has a high potential for maximising capacity at airports and allows flexible operational use. The German ANSP, Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS), was the first in the world to operate GBAS for Category I precision approaches in regular operations at an airport. DFS plans to set up a GBAS trial installation for Category II and III operations by 2013/2014.The system boosts the accuracy and integrity of GPS by transmitting corrections to aircraft via a Very High Frequency (VHF) radio data link from a transmitter on the ground. It focuses on the airport area covering approximately a 40km radius. For an airport, even with multiple runways, only one ground station, comprising four GPS antennas, a computer and a VHF transmitter, is necessary.

Progressing the industry

Issue 3 2012  •  6 June 2012  •  Mark Glover, Commissioning Editor, International Airport Review

Following the resignation of CANSO’s former Director General Graham Lake, Samantha Sharif, CANSO’s Director of Industry Affairs has stepped in as Interim Director General. Mark Glover from International Airport Review spoke with Samantha about this new role, the supposed decrease in Air Traffic Controllers and the much lauded Waypoint 2013 Strategy.Mark Glover: How important is it to maintain a strong relationship with the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)?Samantha Sharif: Maintaining strong relation - ships is important in any business, but for a trade association like CANSO it is absolutely essential. Building and maintaining strong relationships is core to everything that we do. It is one of the fundamental principles on which we operate.When CANSO was founded in 1996 we brought together only a handful of ANSP CEOs. Today CANSO brings together more than 140 (ANSPs) and industry suppliers from all over the world, with members in every region. This is largely thanks to the nature of CANSO as a politically neutral platform for sharing knowledge and expertise, but also its spirit of working together to develop common solutions to common challenges.

Paving the way for a Global standard on Voice over Internet Protocol in ATM

Airport news  •  2 December 2010  •  EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL, is playing a central role in developing a global standard on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in ATM...

ARINC to Continue Data Link Applications for Norway and Denmark Air Traffic Services

Airport news  •  10 September 2010  •  CANSO

Air Navigation Service Providers of Norway and Denmark have renewed their service agreements with ARINC Inc...


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