Tackling disruptions and ensuring a smooth day of operations

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11 December 2018

Supported by:

11 December 2018


Between delays, extreme weather conditions and complex labour union rules, ground operations are becoming more complex every day.

Planners must manage information flow across different departments and avoid planning in silos. They must also ensure efficiency in resource utilisation without compromising employee satisfaction, even on the day of operations.

Watch this webinar to discover how state-of-the-art technologies like predictive analytics and autonomous planning can help you:

  • Improve passenger experience even as traffic grows
  • Understand passenger demand and make better planning decisions
  • Implement best practices in ground staff management


Taner Chakar, Product Manager, Quintiq

As product manager, Taner Chakar ensures that Quintiq customers such as Brussels Airport, KLM and Finnair have the best technology to plan and optimise their operations.

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