The future of airport retail

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5 December 2017

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5 December 2017


Last year, global duty-free and travel retail sales at airports reached US$36bn; non-aviation revenues (shopping, F&B, car parking, advertising, real estate etc) represented 40% of total airport revenues. Although these are significant amounts, the full non-aviation business potential is often not realised at airports.

This webinar will explore trends in the airport non-aero sector and how they can help airports, no matter their size and navigate good and turbulent economic times!


Marnix (Max) Groot, Manager at IATA Consulting


Max joined IATA in 2014 as Manager of Business Development and Marketing for Consulting Services. Before joining IATA, Marnix worked at Lufthansa Consulting, NACO Netherlands Airport Consultants and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. He has worked on airport retail and airport city projects in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Urumqi and Xiamen in the P.R.C. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Marnix has lived in Xiamen, Beijing, Frankfurt, Johannesburg and is currently based in Montreal. He holds a Master’s Degree in Human Geography from the University of Amsterdam and speaks Dutch, English, German, French and Mandarin Chinese.

Johan Schölvinck, Consultant at IATA Consulting

Johan Schölvinck

Johan helps airports to improve their non-aviation revenues. He has 24 years of high-level experience (as an airport manager and consultant) in commercial and real estate planning and development. Johan is also the founder and owner of Market Square Consult, a boutique consultancy in airport commercial space and travel retail solutions. He has helped airports with their non-aviation strategy in (among others) Amsterdam, New York JFK T4, Jakarta, Jersey, Shenzhen, Sint Maarten, Taipei, Viracopos, Moscow Domodedovo and has recently helped the airport of Istanbul New Airport to achieve its commercial ambitions. Johan has worked in all corners of the world, has presented at numerous conferences on the topic of airport retail/non-aviation income, and has designed and delivered many courses on the subject. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s top airport commercial advisers.

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