Protecting the natural environment around Manohar International Airport, Goa

Posted: 10 May 2024 | | No comments yet

Watch this exclusive interview about this exciting new airport.

Manohar International Airport’s Vice President and Head – Environment, Health & Safety and Sustainability, Shivarama M S spoke to International Airport Review Editor, Holly Miles about how they are reducing environmental impact via carbon neutrality, water positivity, waste management, energy efficiency, carbon sinks, biodiversity management and conservation.

Shivarama revealed that the airport currently generates and uses its own clean energy from an on-site solar power plant which serves their current energy demands, however they are looking to push their use of renewable energy sources to 100%.

Shivarama also went on to discuss the health aspect of his role and how he is responsible for the health of his workforce saying that airports should go beyond the requirements of the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation. 

Watch the exclusive interview now about Manohar International Airport!

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