Focusing on the sensory experience of passengers at Hyderabad International Airport

Posted: 2 October 2023 | , | No comments yet

Watch this exclusive interview with the airport CEO who is speaking at the International Airport Summit 2023.

In this exclusive interview with Pradeep Panicker, CEO of GMR Hyderabad International Airport, we discuss the recovery of his airport, how passenger behaviour has changed, passenger experience initiatives they are running including the five senses model, personalisation of the passenger journey, the challenges he is facing and future vision.

One thing which we look at is something called the five senses model. We look at giving a sensory experience for passengers when they enter the airport…you have a good fragrance as you walk in to give the feeling of freshness…we have curated instrumental music which changes depending on the time of the day… with the food curation we are expanding the range to healthy foods from the local market…for touch we are working on developing touchless entry”

Pradeep is speaking at the International Airport Summit 2023 in London so be sure to book now to avoid missing out on listening to his thought leadership in-person and having the opportunity to ask him questions!

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