Promoting intermodal travel for the future: Interview with BER Airport

Posted: 22 March 2023 | | No comments yet

At the recent ROUTES Asia 2023 conference in Thailand, Holly Miles, the Editor of International Airport Review caught up with Thomas Kohr, Head of Aviation Marketing, BER – Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

During the exclusive interview Thomas discussed the airport’s recovery which is currently around 55%.

Thomas highlighted that there has been a loss of domestic travel in Germany with around five to six million passengers lost – there are a few reasons for this such as easyJet having pulled out of domestic travel in Germany leaving just Eurowings and Lufthansa, meaning prices are high, another reason is that passengers use the German train system instead which is very good, all this, plus people are more sustainability-conscious.

Thomas went on to talk about intermodal travel, Berlin Brandenburg Airport is unique in that they have a railway with long distance tracks right underneath the airport, they are working on connecting the airport better within their catchment area, they are working together with Deutsche Bahn in order to collaborate on this further and he cited Lufthansa and German Rail who have a codeshare on the trains. Thomas went on to discuss their route development ambitions, saying that North America was a focus for them last year and they just opened two new routes with United flying to Washington and Delta flying to JFK starting in May 2023.

However, with Asia now opening they are turning their attention to developing their air service to the Asia region.

Watch the exclusive interview now!

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