Talking robotics innovation and carbon net-negative technology with PIT xBridge Director, Cole Wolfson

Posted: 3 January 2024 | , | No comments yet

Listen to this exclusive interview with innovation thought leader Cole Wolfson.

Join us for this exclusive podcast with Cole Wolfson, Director of xBridge at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Pittsbugh is described as the robotics capital of the world, and Cole discusses the potential of robotics in the airport space, how they are deploying it through xBridge and acting as an intermediary between the airport industry and robotics technology providers.

We are really seeing the bleeding edge of what is possible when it comes to computer vision and robotic actuators.”

Cole also went on to discuss fascinating innovations they are currently working on such as algae as a means of oxygenating the air in the airport, and using mass spectrometry to test for airborne pathogens in the air for bioterrorism threat-detection, or COVID – a technology that is new to the airport sector. 

Another innovation, Cole was exited to talk about was a contained solution which anaerobically digests waste material and turns it into “soil sauce” which is a nutrient-dense fertiliser and is carbon net-negative which reduces amount of carbon in atmosphere. 

Finally, Cole touched upon a new partnership with International Airlines Group, who is the parent company of British Airways.

A lot of companies and aviation partners like to work with us for two reasons. We move fast and we try not to say no”

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