Episode 8 – Robert Scodellaro

As many expansion projects have been postponed due to COVID-19, Tara Nolan spoke to Robert Scodellaro from Brisbane Airport Corporation to source some advice on how to best manage a construction project.

As many expansion and infrastructure projects have been postponed due to COVID-19, this podcast is influential in helping airports restart their projects in the most productive manner.

Robert is Head of Project Services and previously project managed the northern concourse expansion (the International Terminal) at Brisbane Airport. During this project, “customer stewardship” was a focal point for the development of the infrastructure; “thinking beyond the physical boundary of what you’re building”. This concept is extremely interesting in regard to balancing airport design and airport functionality.

With the goal to “make it more than just a terminal”, “suit demand” and “prepare for the future”, Rob brilliantly details the varying aspects of managing a construction project.

If you are beginning to consider an expansion, extension or renovation, this podcast provides you with Rob’s three main considerations that you must discuss, and some potential challenges to be aware of. Make sure you listen to ensure your own project benefits from Rob’s perspective.

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