Episode 7 – Simon Hocquard

Posted: 1 April 2020 | | 1 comment

Tara Nolan spoke to Simon Hocquard, Director General of CANSO, to discuss how COVID-19 is affecting the air traffic management sector of aviation.

This episode in International Airport Review’s podcast series explores how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting air traffic management (ATM) and what the aviation industry will require to recover once this unprecedented period is over.

“Contingency planning, business planning and national planning” is under way to help stabilise the sector, but “the entire aviation industry must be treated fairly” to ensure a successful future.

Within this podcast Simon details his vision on how aviation will recover, and how CANSO endeavours to help the industry become more productive and sustainable.

Alongside COVID-19, Simon and Tara discuss modernising airspaces, unmanned aircraft systems, blockchain, remote towers, finding the most efficient way to coordinate air travel, and more.

“Airspace must remain open” and “the only way we are going to successfully navigate this crisis, is to work together”. Listen to this podcast to hear direct advice from the global and regional voice of ATM and learn how best to work together.

One response to “Episode 7 – Simon Hocquard”

  1. Peter McBeath MBA FIBC FCMI FIOD says:

    thanks very much, my new airport hub proposal has fresh offers for finance with initial £70bn to start and support from key parties to take it forward. its 16% shorter journey to EU and clear of London airspace with capacity of around 100m people pa and good proposed rail links out! should be useful going forward as I was involved in Westminster forum regional and national airport strategy meetings.

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