SEA launches WhatsApp customer care contact

Posted: 19 June 2024 | | No comments yet

SEA Milan Airports have launched a new solution for their customers, who are now able to contact the customer care team using WhatsApp.

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SEA Milan Airports have created an innovative service for their passengers; customers are now able to directly contact the customer care team via WhatsApp. Milan Airports have become the first airport in Italy to adopt the fast, direct and interactive communication mode.

Customer care is now more effective, able to meet the needs of all passengers and develop trusting relationships by integrating technology with human intervention. This is a major step forward in passenger assistance.

Using WhatsApp, travellers will be able to:

  • Direct assistance: passengers will be able to write directly to the customer care team for any kind of request, from information on airport services to eCommerce issues, from food & shops at the airport to questions related to the Milano Malpensa Boutique, receiving quick and personalised answers.
  • Track your flights: with the simplicity of a click on the flight list at and or by sending a chat message, you can receive real-time updates on the status of your flight, including any delays or gate changes.
  • Interacting with our chatbot, an automatic response system that assists the user in finding the simplest desired information, which does not require a human assistant, with ease.

How it works

The service is extremely simple to use. Travellers can add Milan Airport Customer Care’s dedicated WhatsApp number, 02 232323, to their contacts and start chatting for assistance or information. Before chatting directly with one of our operators, the user will also have the opportunity to find their own answer by interacting with our chatbot. 

The service is available in Italian and English.

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