Ford International Airport joins Hidden Disabilities Sunflower programme

Posted: 14 November 2023 | | No comments yet

The Gerald R. Ford International Airport is proud to announce its participation in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower programme.

Hidden Disability sunflower programme

The airport will join the Hidden Disability Sunflower programme.

The Gerald R. Ford International Airport is proud to announce its participation in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower programme – a global initiative aimed at providing support and assistance to travellers with hidden disabilities.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower enables individuals to discreetly indicate that they have a non-visible disability and may need additional assistance, understanding or more time. By wearing a Sunflower lanyard, pin, wristband or retractable Sunflower ID card, a traveller can communicate their needs without disclosing their specific condition, making their journey through the airport more comfortable.

“We are thrilled to join more than 230 airports worldwide in providing a more inclusive and accessible travel experience through the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network,” said President and CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority Tory Richardson. “The Ford International Airport is committed to ensuring every traveller feels valued and supported during their journey. With the implementation of this programme, we hope to further support guests with hidden and visible disabilities to enjoy greater independence while navigating through the airport.”

Since Hidden Disabilities Sunflower was established in the UK in 2016, it has been adopted globally by businesses and charities to support their colleagues and customers. The Sunflower is recognised across a broad range of sectors – ranging from retail, financial services, transportation, travel and tourism, education, government, as well as healthcare, emergency service and entertainment. 

“We are delighted to welcome Gerald R. Ford International Airport to the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower programme,” said Sunflower Regional Director – USA Lynn Smith. “GRR have committed time and passion to implement the training to ensure that Sunflower wearers are recognised by their staff to receive the additional support, understanding and kindness they need.”

As part of this initiative, airport staff and partners have been trained to recognise the Sunflower symbol and provide assistance and accommodations accordingly. Passengers with hidden disabilities can request a free Sunflower item at the airport’s visitor information desk and security screening checkpoint.

“We encourage all passengers to embrace the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower programme and utilise the Sunflower symbol when necessary,” said Richardson

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