Changi Airport opens new rock-climbing attraction in Terminal 3

A new 8-metre-high sport climbing attraction named Climb@T3 wall will open in Terminal 3 of Changi Airport.

Climbers can challenge themselves with over 20 different climbing routes ranging in difficulty from beginner to intermediate levels

Credit: Changi Airport

A new sport climbing attraction will open in Changi Airport on 4 March 2023 as part of Changi Airport Group (CAG)’s continuous effort to enhance the experience for passengers and visitors.

Climb@T3, managed by The Rock School (TRS) Singapore, will be located at Terminal 3 Basement 3. It will feature an 8-metre-high rock-climbing wall as well as a 12-metre-long boulder wall. The family-friendly facility will have both guided and free and-easy programmes for climbers of varying skill levels, from as young as two years of age to adult enthusiasts.

 “At Changi Airport, we’re constantly looking for ways to delight our visitors and inject excitement into our offerings,” Phau Hui Hoon, General Manager of Landside Concessions at CAG, said. “Climb@T3 is the latest addition to Changi Airport’s suite of leisure and entertainment offerings and will offer a fun and challenging experience to our passengers and visitors. We hope both new and experienced climbers will enjoy scaling new heights with us.”

“The Rock School is excited to partner CAG in this initiative because we believe that with our 15 years of experience, Climb@T3, as a family-friendly facility, will be able to add to Changi Airport’s value-proposition of being a world-class icon and destination in itself,” Chong Zedong, Managing Director of The Rock School, said.

State-of-the-art climbing facilities

Climb@T3’s star attraction is the 8-metre High Wall, spanning Basements 2 and 3. Constructed by the official wall provider for the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games, the wall’s nine lanes are each equipped with state-of-the-art auto belay systems, which allow families and friends to climb together even if they do not know how to belay.

Climbers can challenge themselves with over 20 different climbing routes to pick from. In time to come, this will go up to about 30 routes, with each ranging in difficulty from beginner to intermediate levels.

Also available is the 12-metre-long, 2.5-metre-high Boulder Wall, open for use by all climbers but built primarily for younger and budding climbers to hone their skills and build their confidence before they move on to the High Wall.

The 12.5m-long Boulder Wall

The 12.5m-long Boulder Wall is open to everyone but primarily meant for younger children who are too small to safely use the High Wall – Credit: Changi Airport

Programmes for every type of climber

Climbers aged two and above who prefer a free and easy climbing session of up to two hours can opt for the ‘Climb and Play (Unguided)’ programme. Children aged 12 and below must be accompanied by an adult. Those who prefer more guidance can opt for the ‘Climb and Play (Guided)’ programme, where experienced instructors will spend an hour showing participants the ropes at the High Wall.

The Rock Tots programme, designed for children aged two to six, is filled with activities and games aimed at helping children get comfortable with climbing and learn new movement types in a fun and age-appropriate way. This fortnightly one-hour Boulder Wall-only programme will progressively challenge children both mentally and physically and is a great way of building parent-child rapport.

Programmes for those with special needs are also available on an ad-hoc basis and will be led by specially trained staff. More programmes, including TRS’ popular Step Up! Coaching Programme for children that employs a sustainable coaching pedagogy developed by sports science and youth development professionals, will be added to the line-up in the future.

This climbing wall is just one in a series of passenger experience initiatives at Singapore Changi Airport

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