NAV CANADA launches enquiries to modernise airspace at YVR

Posted: 7 December 2022 | | No comments yet

NAV CANADA has launched a public consultation on a proposal for airspace modernisation surrounding Vancouver International Airport.

NAV CANADA, in collaboration with Vancouver Airport Authority, has launched a public consultation on a proposal for airspace modernisation surrounding Vancouver International Airport (YVR). The consultations will be an opportunity for the public to get information about the proposed changes and to provide their feedback on the NAV CANADA proposal.

NAV CANADA is proposing changes to approach procedures at YVR including the addition of new satellite-based procedures, known as Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required (RNP AR), and changes to existing arrival routes and procedures.

RNP AR is designed to provide aircraft with shorter, more direct routes on approach to YVR and is supported by a new International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) separation standard. This allows an aircraft’s flight management system and satellite positioning to fly a precise three-dimensional path, which is safe, efficient, and predictable.

These more efficient arrival procedures will reduce an aircraft’s flight time resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and some avoidance of residentially populated areas.  In some cases, aircraft arriving using the proposed RNP AR approach procedures from certain directions are estimated to overfly as many as 61,000 fewer people.

“The public consultations on the proposed airspace modernisation for YVR is essential to the implementation of RNP AR, which will not only support environmental sustainability and reduce overflight of some residential areas but will also help meet future demand for air travel by improving operations at YVR,” said Terry Cruse, General Manager, Vancouver Flight Information Region, NAV CANADA.

“Proposed enhancements to the airspace around YVR will contribute to both operational efficiency and environmental sustainability at the airport, which will benefit travellers and our neighbouring communities,” added Mike McNaney, VP & Chief External Affairs Officer at Vancouver Airport Authority. “We look forward to the outcomes of this consultation and advancing this important work in collaboration with NAV CANADA.”

Public consultations began on 6 December 2022, running until 3 February 2023.

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