Riga Airport recognised as A-CDM compliant by EUROCONTROL

Posted: 15 April 2021 | | No comments yet

As a result of implementing TAV Technologies’ Airport Management Solutions, Riga Airport has been recognised as A-CDM compliant.

Riga Airport recognised as A-CDM compliant by EUROCONTROL

Latvian airport, Riga International Airport (RIX), has been recognised as an Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) compliant airport by EUROCONTROL with the use of TAV Technologies’ Airport Management Solutions.

TAV Technologies took full responsibility of the A-CDM implementation project at Riga Airport, which was partially funded by the European Union (EU) and completed in collaboration with EUROCONTROL. Within the scope of delivery, TAV Technologies provided an airport management system suite that is fully compatible with the CDM milestone approach, which comprises:

The aim of the A-CDM project is to increase Riga Airport’s capacity and improve processes of coordinated action among all parties involved in handling flights. The introduction of A-CDM procedures ensures a more efficient decision-making process based on a more precise and timely exchange of information and a unified understanding of all parties’ situations.

The project’s implementation has significantly improved the quality and safety of services for airspace users and passengers. It has been made possible by improved precision in planning take-off schedules and reducing wait time at the terminal, as well as on the runway, especially during ‘rush hour’, and by reducing resource and fuel consumption costs for airlines pertaining to wait time before take-off and preparing aircraft for flights. Furthermore, environmental pollution has also been reduced.

A-CDM has improved air traffic flow management at the airport by reducing flight delays, improving punctuality and optimising resources. The number of flights at Riga Airport keeps growing from year to year; thus, by introducing A-CDM, the airport has finished its preparations for future traffic growth.

A-CDM allows the partners of the airport to make correct decisions in collaboration with airlines, ground handling service operators, air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and other airport service providers, thus reducing costs and making Riga Airport ever more attractive for airlines and raising its competitiveness not only in the Baltics, but the region as a whole.

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