Chicago Rockford and Cologne Bonn Airports sign air cargo development agreement

The agreement will see the two airports further optimise their burgeoning air cargo businesses and mutually develop the air cargo traffic between their regions.

Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD) and Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) have announced that they have signed a new Airport Cooperation Agreement to mutually develop the air cargo traffic between their two regions.

The partnership will strengthen the knowledge sharing between the two airports and support the collective air cargo reach of each airport. Additionally, the airports expect to work on cutting-edge initiatives to develop high-quality handling systems for e-commerce cargo.

The annual air cargo throughput at Chicago Rockford Airport for 2020 was 383,915 metric tonnes, a 17 per cent increase over 2019. Cologne Bonn Airport’s annual air cargo throughput was 863,000 metric tonnes in 2020.

The agreement is a catalyst for both airports to further optimise their burgeoning air cargo businesses. Joint goals include attracting additional cargo airlines; alleviating on-ground challenges; and impacting the movement of products quickly to their final destinations. 

Additionally, both RFD and CGN agree to support current cargo customers by evaluating processes and procedures. The agreement aims to make ground and cargo handling more efficient and shorten the delivery times for logistics companies.

“The pronounced similarities between our two airports provide a springboard for us to move forward proactively and efficiently to positively impact business, continued economic development and job growth in our regions,” said Mike Dunn, Executive Director of Chicago Rockford International Airport. “With our goals aligned, together we can enhance services and capabilities benefitting our cargo customers.”

The agreement between RFD and CGN is a partnership unique to the industry and is progressive in its approach to further manage the increasing needs for worldwide e-commerce and cargo carriers.

“With the cooperation agreement between Chicago Rockford International Airport and Cologne Bonn Airport, we will establish a regular communication and exchange platform. The aforementioned exchange will not only include airport operations, aircraft handling and cargo handling, but also security, marketing and sales, as well as air cargo and e-commerce market development,” explained Johan Vanneste, President and CEO of Cologne Bonn Airport.

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