New arrival procedures implemented at Hamad International Airport

An installed mobile application, health assessment form and quarantine pledge agreement are mandatory requirements for arrival in Qatar.

arrival procedures in Hamad Airport

Following the gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions across Qatar, Hamad International Airport (HIA) is applying newly procedures for arriving passengers.

The airport has customised its procedures based on the categorisation of arriving passengers:

  • Group One: Qatari citizens, their spouses and children, and permanent residency holders
  • Group Two: Includes vulnerable passengers that have certain identified medical conditions or are aged 55 and above
  • Group Three: Passengers arriving from ‘low-risk countries’
  • Group Four: Passengers arriving from ‘high-risk countries’.

All arriving passengers will be thermally screened at the airport. Passengers must have the EHTERAZ mobile application downloaded and installed on a smartphone which requires a SIM card.

All passengers must fill out a health assessment form and sign a quarantine pledge agreement, preferably filled prior to arrival into Doha and submitted upon arrival.

Passengers arriving from high-risk countries will proceed to immigration whilst presenting their hotel booking to the immigration officer. Once all arrival formalities have been completed, passengers will be transported to their quarantine hotel with Discover Qatar.

All other arriving passengers will be diverted to designated airport testing facilities where they will receive swab tests. Once testing is complete, passengers will then proceed to immigration for entry processing. Those passengers can use private transportation to their home quarantine. The airport’s taxi pavilion is also available.

To ensure the health and wellbeing of its staff and passengers, HIA introduced a series of unprecedented measures including the implementation of robotics and advanced thermal screening helmets.

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