ACI World labels cyber-security a real risk for aviation

Posted: 27 September 2019 | | No comments yet

Cyber-security has been identified as a real risk for the aviation sector, requiring resilient systems and robust and efficient defences.

cyber-security is a real risk to aviation

At ICAO’s Assembly, ACI World has called for international cooperation, joined up governance and coherent and practical policies to address cyber-security risks.

It was emphasised that the sector requires a clear ICAO vision and strategy that considers safety, security and operations working across all disciplines.

ACI presented a cyber-security paper asking the Assembly to support the ICAO Aviation Cybersecurity Strategy; require that ICAO work with states and industry to develop an action plan in support of the strategy; recognise the immediate need for a multi-disciplinary approach; request ICAO to rapidly complete an assessment of the current governance structure for cyber-security; and request that Council involve the industry when defining policy, a strategy, plans and standards for aviation cyber-security.

A cyber-security panel could bring a greater range of expertise and experience on the topic of cyber-security and create working groups to dedicate more time and resource to the development of guidance materials, programmes, capacity building, assistance and training.

“Cyber-security threats are a serious concern for the aviation sector and are expected to increase in number and impact for the foreseeable future,” ACI World Director General, Angela Gittens, said.

“It is therefore essential that aviation stakeholders establish a programme of cyber-resilience and maintain robust and efficient cyber-security defences. All businesses, including airports, are at risk from cyber-security threats, whether they have a straightforward set of systems or the most sophisticated IT digital transformation programmes.

“There is a clear need for international cooperation, joined up governance and coherent and practical policies to address cyber-security, coupled with practical solutions for information sharing, oversight, capacity building and training.

“The current siloed approach does not effectively address the issue; a clear ICAO vision and strategy and joint working across all disciplines is needed that considers safety, security, operations and resilience.”

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