AlertEnterprise Inc.

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Digital Identity. Digital Security. Digital Trust.

At AlertEnterprise, digital identity and trust are at the centre of everything we do. We go to work each day with the mission to help organisations solve critical business and security challenges. We address those challenges by taking a universal digital identity for people and things and extend it across an entire enterprise in a secure, intelligent and efficient way.

The fact is, security is long overdue for a digital transformation, and we believe that the changing threat landscape requires a challenge to conventional thinking and a new approach. This new approach drives us to empower organisations with real-time data insights, so they can do more with less, create engaging employee experiences, increase compliance, and reduce risk.

In essence, our purpose is to bring people, processes, data, and technology together in a unique way to help organisations protect what matters most. We call it security convergence. And we develop game-changing security convergence solutions that deliver identity governance, access management, security intelligence and compliance validation across enterprise IT, HR, cyber and physical security environments.