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Ahead of HungaroControl’s webinar on how to implement an effective ATM strategy and the role of simulation and validation, we asked the speakers, Fanni Kling and Gábor Papp, some questions to introduce themselves and the themes of the webinar.

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Fanni Kling – Data ScientistGábor Papp – Head of the Simulation and Validation Unit

What is your role within HungaroControl?

FK: I spend most of my time providing human factors and data analysis support to fast-time and real-time simulations, passive and active shadow mode validations.

GP: I became the Head of the Simulation and Validation Unit under the Research, Development and Simulation Department in January 2017, and am currently responsible for one cockpit and three ATC simulators at HungaroControl. I monitor and review the unit’s project activities, coordinate with other teams on a daily basis and play a role in creating new strategies.

Fanni, what is your academic background?

FK: I have MSc in Cognitive Science and attended a one-year long training course on ATC. As a cognitive scientist, I am passionate about human cognition, statistics and scientific research, whilst the hands-on ATC training brought me closer to understand the users I work with on a daily basis.

Gábor, what helps you to fulfil your duties as the head of your unit?

GP: Prior to leading HungaroControl’s simulation and validation activities, my expertise laid in ATM simulation, as a simulation specialist. Building on this functional experience, I also worked as a sales manager in a bid to deliver real value to customers. I believe that I wouldn’t be able to do my job successfully if I didn’t have such a professional and supporting simulation and validation team.

So back to the webinar, and what are simulation techniques?

FK: The key methods are fast-time and real-time simulations, which we will explain in more depth in our webinar. However, I would urge everyone to look at the big picture: in my opinion, simulation is only a (scientific) piece of the process, and we all know that the information/success is more than a sum of its parts. The proficiency of the team, the reliability and transparency of the validation methodology are all combined to achieve stakeholder and user acceptability.

Which simulations have you worked on?

GP: As I’ve been working within HungaroControl’s research and development team since 2011, I have had the chance to participate in various validations,, including the GEO4 Airspace Reorganisation for Croatia Control; the CPDLC validation for ROMATSA (Romania) and BULATSA (Bulgaria); the Cross-border Free Route Airspace Validation for Croatia Control, BHANSA (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and SMATSA (Serbia) and the Cross-border Free Route Airspace validation for FAB CE (Functional Airspace Block Central Europe) countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina). We also use the simulation facilities for training purposes, both for internal units and external partners.

Of all the simulation projects you have worked on, which is your favourite?

FK: If I must choose one, I would go with the South-East axis free route airspace real-time simulation. We assessed the impact of the cross-border FRA concept on the Beogard ATCC and Zagreb ATCC sector configuration, with special attention to operational and technological solutions. Both the concept and the team was exceptional and I felt truly honoured to be a part of such a significant project.

GP: I would probably name the FAB CE simulation, which we will introduce in our webinar. The project required a long preparation phase and was exceptionally complex with the various working groups, but it was truly rewarding to see so many ANSP representatives (ATCOs and subject matter experts) in one simulator OPS room for almost two weeks.

The HungaroControl webinar ‘How to implement an effective ATM strategy: The role of simulation and validation’ takes place on Wednesday 21st November.

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