How to implement an effective ATM strategy: The role of simulation and validation

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21 November 2018

Supported by:

21 November 2018


This webinar presented HungaroControl’s simulation and validation capabilities. Simulation is a key assessment technique in air traffic control used for training programmes and for the validation of new concepts. After a brief introduction, the simulation techniques and supporting services were presented in detail. Finally, the presentation outlined previous simulation projects that focused on (i) the validation of and (ii) the training on new concepts.


Gábor Papp, Head of Simulation and Validation Unit, HungaroControl

Mr. Gábor Papp is the Head of the Simulation and Validation Unit at HungaroControl. Being responsible for four simulators, Gábor has been at the forefront of a number of pivotal simulation projects.

hungaro controlFanni Kling, Data Scientist, HungaroControl

Fanni Kling holds an MSc in Cognitive Science and has been working at HungaroControl’s Simulation and Validation Unit for almost 3 years. As a Data Scientist she provides human factors and data analysis support to validate new concepts.


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