Seamless Travel In-Depth Focus 2018

Posted: 30 October 2018 | | No comments yet

How can airports and technology pioneers work together to create a consistent and enjoyable end-to-end passenger experience? This In-Depth Focus explores how airports are utilising technology to streamline their operations and meet with passenger expectations.

Seamless Travel in-depth focus issue 5 2018
    The industry is on the cusp of a digital revolution and this time of change presents several opportunities to solve real business challenges. Steve Armitage, Head of Intelligent Automation at Heathrow Airport, discusses challenges airports and airlines face when implementing automation, and reveals Heathrow’s digital transformation strategy.
    Biometrics have taken a privileged seat in the age of seamless travel. Extending the use of biometrics to create a consistent, end-to-end experience is the newest trend in digital transformation. Together with Vision-Box, pioneering airports are jointly laying out their strategies, focused on accomplishing a comfortable, unfettered environment for the passenger, with no obstacles, and better: without travel documents.
    As the first U.S. West Coast Airport to commit to use facial recognition technology to facilitate the arrival and departure of all international travellers, Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport has truly created a superior travel experience. Director of Aviation, John Aitken, reveals how wait times have been reduced and airport efficiencies gained.
    Transporting more than 48 million passengers a year through more than 200 airports in six continents, Air Canada is among the 20 largest airlines in the world. Lucie Guillemette, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Air Canada, reveals how the airline ensures its passengers always receive a pleasant and seamless experience.

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