ATC/ATM In-Depth Focus 2017

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With air capacities reaching their max, the airport industry is continually under pressure to invest in modern ATC/ATM solutions and establish new methods that can help relieve restrictions. This in-depth focus explores the challenges airports face in air traffic control and management, but also highlights the options available to progress in this field.

Air traffic control cover issue 5 2017
  • Gaël Poget, Head of Aeronautical Affairs – General Management at Geneva Airport, explores recent developments in apron services and management and explains how some airports could adopt a similar solution to the one that is working well for Geneva Airport.
  • Ho Wei Sean, Head of the Centre of Excellence for the Air Traffic Management Programme Office at the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, explores the concept of a Smart Digital Tower for Changi Airport that provides the opportunity to transform and better serve traffic demand for Changi’s busy operations.
  • Can the implementation of air traffic controller tools increase the resilience and capacity of airports? Andy Shand, General Manager for Customer Affairs at NATS believes so and in this article he showcases the proven use of Time Based Separation (TBS) at London Heathrow – the world’s busiest two-runway international airport – to explain why.
  • Physical control towers have been associated with Air Traffic Control (ATC) since the need to observe and direct aircraft first arose. These towers are the most visible part of the ATC system but a new generation of technology is changing the way these services are provided at airports, writes Neil Bowles, Head of Air Traffic Management at Searidge Technologies.
  • David Harrison, Safety Director at NATS explains the myriad of exciting and smart ways in which drones can be used for both commercial activities and public service.

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