Supporting the aviation sector with safe solutions

Posted: 14 October 2020 | | No comments yet

Riccardo Majorana, VP – Airport Business Area Manager at Leonardo Electronics Division, told International Airport Review how Leonardo is working to help safeguard the airport sector.

How did Leonardo manage the COVID-19 crisis?

The rapid spread of coronavirus has shocked the world and its full impact is still tangibly affecting the global economy.

This situation has forced most companies to adopt alternative and innovative ways of working, as well as smart working. Leonardo successfully managed to cope with this need thanks to a digitalisation process that has been in progress for several years, which demonstrates the company’s growing ability to adapt.

As the Automation Systems Business Unit of Leonardo Electronics Division, we continued to support our customers by implementing provisions and strategies that can overcome any issues during the pandemic.

Furthermore, Leonardo found ways to adapt, invent and transform itself, maximising the situation, continuing to ensure business continuity and respecting all security and safety standards, both domestically and internationally.

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