Eurofins SAFER@WORK COVID-19 Case Study: Surface testing in a corporate call centre

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The call centre detects positive COVID-19 shedder before an employee tests positive using Eurofins coronavirus surface monitoring.

Call centres are integral to customer-centric businesses worldwide. Maintaining functional customer care during these unprecedented times is critical to the health and sustainability of all businesses. The inherent nature of closed-air spaces, such as office environments, brings into account several different factors that can influence coronavirus transmission risk, including employee proximity, employee traffic flow, and shared spaces.

A Midwest US call centre proactively deployed a temporary remote working mandate to avoid a sitewide facility outbreak. Before bringing employees back to work, the centre wanted to understand the current state of the office environment and implement a plan to proactively monitor and react rapidly if necessary.

Coronavirus surface monitoring is an excellent tool not only to verify the effectiveness of sanitation procedures but also to understand how and where the virus is moving throughout a facility. Together, the call centre and Eurofins identified the most strategic sites for sampling, including high-traffic areas and common touchpoints. By utilising Eurofins’ coronavirus environmental monitoring program (EMP), the call centre could detect the presence of the virus in their workplace and get an early warning of workplace infection before employees show any symptoms.

Download Eurofins’ case study to find out more.


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