How to secure growth by digitalising airport non-aviation revenues

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31 January 2019

Supported by:

31 January 2019


Changing passenger-buying behaviour and other factors are changing airport non-aviation revenues and travel retail significantly. This AOE webinar will help you meet the challenges posed by the digital disruption of non-aviation revenues. 

Global airports and major airlines, including Frankfurt, Heathrow and Auckland airports are benefiting from AOE’s unique experience and expertise. AOE’s OM³ Suite is quickly becoming the leading platform for digitally transforming airport’s non-aeronautical revenues.


Kian Gould, CEO and Founder, AOE

Kian is a regular speaker at global aviation conferences. Being a digitalisation expert, press called him “travel retail’s digital transformation man” and voted him “positive disruptor of the year 2017”.


Adil Raïhani, Digital Travel Retail Advisor and former Senior Vice President of Commercial at Vienna Airport, The Blueprint Partnership & Adil Raihani Consulting

Adil is an expert in airport commercial and digital travel retail. After working for Vienna Airport, he specialised in developing innovative solutions for the travel retail and duty free industry.

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