NEXTT Emerging Themes: Off-airport Activities

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20 September 2018

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20 September 2018

Innovating – thinking outside the airport

The first in the NEXTT Emerging Themes series focused on how innovation in processes can change the way we view travel – moving processes off-airport to free up space and increase convenience for both passengers and cargo shippers. In this webinar, we heard from industry colleagues on how their solutions are contributing to the NEXTT vision to help shape the future of air travel.

The vision is that the majority of processes will occur “off-airport” in a location that best suits the customer. This shall happen in both a virtual and physical sense. For many processes, this is enabled by a digital transformation. Activities that historically required a manual check could now occur as a digital process. For those elements which will always require a physical interface, distributed locations throughout cities could be used. This will improve the convenience for customers and alleviate pressure on processing at the airport.


Nathalie Herbelles, Head of Security at Airports Council InternationalNathalie Herbelles
Nathalie is ACI’s point of contact for global airport security issues, representing the world’s airports and helping deliver the association’s priorities.

Stephen Saunders, Advisor at Airports Council InternationalStephen Saunders
Stephen is an Advisor at Airports Council International focusing on the NEXTT initiative. He also serves as the Senior Manager of Terminal Operations for CVG Airport in Cincinnati, U.S.A. which was named the fastest growing passenger and cargo airport in the United States for 2017.

Celine Canu, Head of Facilitation, IATA
Celine is responsible for leading and coordinating IATA strategy and activities on facilitation including border control, passenger data and identity management.

Andrew Price, Head of Global Baggage Operations, IATA
Andrew is the Head, Global Baggage Operations with responsibility for the IATA Baggage Vision including activities in tracking, technology, messaging and services.



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