Smaller stations, big impact: Optimising airline operations

27 August 2024


Smaller stations in an airline’s network play an important role as feeders, funnelling passengers to major hubs. But they have smaller teams and tighter budgets, forcing managers to wear many hats, covering tasks that might be spread across multiple positions at a major hub. How do you offer decision support for the gate and staff management which is on par with your hubs?

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Inform Webinar - 27 Aug 2024

In this upcoming webinar, aviation experts from INFORM GmbH, a leading German software supplier, will discuss how airlines can enhance their day-to-day operations without the tedious task of manually monitoring each station for irregularities. Bernadette Schaefer and Michael Reinkober will share insights on innovative solutions for stands allocation, real-time adjustments, and conflict resolution. They will also discuss the challenges of frontline managers and how to offer better decision support while still leveraging their unique insights and expertise.

Joining them will be a seasoned representative from a major American airline, offering first-hand experiences and practical examples of industry challenges.

In this panel you will:

  • Learn about new strategies for stand and staff management and immediate conflict mitigation.
  • See how to streamline staff allocations and responsibilities without the need for constant back-office support
  • Experience how to enhance operational efficiency through advanced, predictive insights about potential disruptions.
  • Explore potential shifts in job roles and responsibilities to better manage operational demands.

The session will conclude with a live Q&A, allowing attendees to ask questions and gain further clarity on implementing these strategies within their operations.

Who should attend?

  • Airline professionals responsible for airport operations who seek to optimise site planning with comprehensive, yet straightforward approaches.
  • Ground handlers and airline managers aiming to improve operational flow through sophisticated decision support.
  • Decision-makers looking to increase efficiency and responsiveness in their segments of airport operations.

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Michael Reinkober, Product Manager at INFORM GmbH

Michael Reinkober

  • Job Experience: 25 years
  • Job Passion: All things ground operations and real-time decision support
  • Special Mission: Strategic development
  • Additional Skills:  IoT, AI, improved UX/UI, autonomous vehicles

Bernadette Schaefer, Product Manager at INFORM GmbH

Bernadette Schaefer

  • Job Experience:  8 years
  • Job Passion: Developing simple solutions to complex challenges using the latest technologies
  • Special Mission: User-centric, value-adding solutions
  • Additional Skills:  Requirement Discovery and Comprehension, AI, Agile Methods

Keith Allen, Manager, Product Management – Airport Operations at Alaska Air

  • Job Experience:  38 years
  • Job Passion: Improving processes and systems for our front-line employees to give them more time to provide exceptional customer service. 
  • Special Mission: Finding ways to eliminate the response from being “because we’ve always done it that way.”

Joshua Baker, Innovation Specialist at INFORM GmbH

Joshua BakerJoshua Baker has been working as Innovation Specialist in the Aviation Division of the INFORM since 2021. He has special interest in mapping and designing ecosystems and platforms, because of their ability to create added value for stakeholders and innovative solutions to complex problems. As a Rock climber and lifelong beginner, he enjoys high risk situations and being in the realm of uncertainty.




  • Learn how to get a quick overview of the network as an airline regional manager
  • See how new situations and potential conflicts at the individual operations can be avoided by decision intelligence
  • Learn about decision support for frontline managers, which enhances their operational decisions while being on the apron or in the terminal
  • Discover potential savings, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of working hours, smoother processes and more efficient communication


Is the webinar free?
Yes – there is no charge to watch the webinar, either live or on-demand.

When will the webinar take place?
The webinar will be taking place on 27 August 2024 at 14:00 CEST/ 13:00 BST (UK TIME)/ 20:00 SGT/ 22:00 AEST.

Can I watch the webinar later?
The webinar will be available to watch on-demand shortly after the live broadcast takes place.

What are the benefits of attending live?
During the live webinar, you will be able to pose questions to the speakers, which will then be answered during the live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

How long will the webinar be?
The live webinar will last for up to sixty minutes

Who will be moderating?
Holly Miles, Editor, International Airport Review

What do I need to watch this webinar?
All you need is a computer with an internet connection. It is advised to use headphones where possible for your own comfort.