Aena fills Spanish airports with music and flash dances for passengers

Exuberant scenes are taking place at Aena’s airports this summer with their ‘Feel the Rhythm’ campaign.

Travellers mill about Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat Airport departures area with their brightly coloured suitcases. Suddenly, thumping music begins to filter into the room. We look around, confused about where these funky beats are coming from. 

Then, all of a sudden, the travellers have cast their bright suitcases aside and have started break dancing in unison to the music! Have you ever seen a flash dance? It captivates you at once, and the passengers around us were quick to stop and form a crowd, to watch and film the spectacle unfolding before their eyes on their phones for Instagram, or groove to the beat of the music.

Aena feel the rhythm

Scenes at Barcelona Airport this summer 2023. Credit: IAR

These dancers are part of Aena’s ‘Feel the Rhythm’ campaign running in Aena’s key Spanish airports until September.

We at International Airport Review were lucky to experience this ourselves on the Aena Airport Tour when we flew back from Barcelona after the ACI WAGA 2023 conference. Once the dancers neared the end of their performance they then started pulling members of the crowd onto their invisible dance floor to join in with them, making the experience truly interactive.

International Airport Review Editor Holly Miles said: “The carnival atmosphere was incredible and what better way to kick-start your summer holiday than getting those endorphins flowing by getting your groove on? Who knew an airport could create an impromptu dancefloor for their passengers, but Aena managed to pull it off.

“In an increasingly competitive environment, airports must break into the experience industry and aim for that ‘WOW factor’, in order to create lasting memories for their passengers.”

Well done to Aena for this fantastic initiative.

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