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FAA Raises Safety Rating for Croatia

26 January 2011 | By FAA

The FAA announced that Croatia complies with international safety standards set by ICAO, based on the results of a reassessment of Croatia’s civil aviation authority...

Moscow Domodedovo Airport hit by terror attack

24 January 2011 | By International Airport Review

Russian News agencies are reporting that at least 31 people have been killed and over a 100 have been injured at Moscow’s Domedevo airport following an explosion...

16.9 million flights expected in 2030

24 January 2011 | By EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL has released a new long-time forecast of flights in Europe. In the most likely of the four scenarios considered, air traffic in Europe is expected to grow to 16.9 million flights in 2030, i.e. 1.8 times more than in 2009...

CANSO announces UAE declaration

20 January 2011 | By CANSO

CANSO, has today issued its ‘UAE Declaration’, a statement announcing plans to undertake a Joint Middle East Airspace Study and develop a coordinated approach to optimising the region’s airspace structure...

Dag Falk-Petersen New CEO of Avinor

13 January 2011 | By Casno

The board of Avinor AS has appointed Dag Falk-Petersen (56) as CEO. Falk-Petersen comes to Avinor from the position as CEO of CHC Helikopter Service AS.