IAAN officially gains certification as an ATC-training organisation

IAAN expands its services with the addition of ATC training for private individuals as well as ANSPs at its base in Fornbe, Oslo.


The 360° Valhalla simulator serves 20 airports in Norway with ATCO training.

In addition to offering simulator training to ANSPs, the Integra Aviation Academy in Norway (IAAN) can now offer initial training for air traffic controllers (ATCO) as well as training of instructors and assessors.

The certification was given by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) according to EU 2015/340 in March 2019 and the first course is planned to be held in the autumn of 2019. The authorisation includes ATCO initial training (Basic ADI/ADV), practical instructor training and assessor training.

“We are very pleased with the certification. Although there are many ATCO training centres offering the same as we do, we believe that our offer is unique. In the near future we will open for individual training so that private people can enroll for courses to obtain student air traffic controller licenses without having to go through an ANSP,” said Accountable Manager of the training center, Henrik Schjølberg.

IAAN offers 800 square metres of state-of-the-art training simulators, devices and facilities at its training centre in the former airport Fornebu in Oslo. IAAN is part of the small-sized company Integra Aviation Academy in Denmark, which brings with it advantages, according to Nina Banke, Managing Director of Integra Aviation Denmark (IAAD). “There is a general lack of ATCOs in Europe. A small centre allows for flexibility and hence the possibility of offering both small and large courses with short notice. We can adapt to market conditions very quickly,” she said.

IAAN was established in 2015 with a large ATC-simulation centre in Oslo with the purpose of offering simulator training for tower and approach. The training centre serves 20 airports in Norway with ATCO training. IAAN also has simulators for ground training (two GND CWP’s) stationed at Oslo Airport Gardermoen and a tower simulator in Odense Airport, Denmark, which is used for aerodrome flight information service (AFIS) training provided by the mother company IAAD. All simulators are remotely operated from IAAN’s simulation centre at Fornebu, Oslo, using highly-skilled simulator pilots from Norway and Denmark.

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