Airways New Zealand launches ATC training in Kuwait

Airways New Zealand has partnered with the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) to establish an air traffic control training academy for training of Kuwaiti students.


As part of the joint venture partnership agreement, Airways is providing a one-year training programme at ACK for a group of air traffic control (ATC) students, and has installed a total control tower simulator and two radar simulators at its campus in Kuwait for use during training.

The bespoke training solution incorporates Airways’ world-class simulation technology, blended with competency-based training and e-learning. SureSelect computer-based ATC Skill Simulations tests have been used to select students; total control simulation technology is in use for real-world training; students are utilising Airbooks e-learning resources for mobile, flexible and interactive learning; and the Aviation English Services online learning programme is also available to students.

Airways International CEO Sharon Cooke says the partnership with ACK allows Airways to incorporate its widely recognised and successful training methodologies into Kuwait, a new market for the New Zealand air navigation service provider. 

She said: “Airways is delighted to be working with ACK in this joint venture. Our track record delivering world-class ATC training and technology solutions, combined with ACK’s educational knowledge and leadership in the region, means this partnership is well placed for success.”

A group of ATC students began training at the new academy in September 2018, studying ICAO 291 – Aviation English Services, ICAO 051– ATS Licensing Subjects, ICAO 052 – Aerodrome Control, ICAO 054 – Approach and Area Surveillance, and ICAO 053/055 – Approach and Area Control Procedural courses. 

The total control radar and tower simulators were installed in Kuwait in May 2018, and are being used by students and instructors to control traffic in exercises that mimic the real world – imitating a full air traffic control flight information region using high fidelity photo-realistic graphics, and simulating any weather conditions.

The Airways training programme will prepare the students for on-the-job ATC training in Kuwait.

Airways has been delivering ATC training solutions and consultancy services to the Middle East region for more than 20 years The organisation has worked with the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) in Saudi Arabia for the past eight years, training air traffic control students at its training campuses in New Zealand, and is this year training students from Fujairah, Kuwait and Bahrain.

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