Edinburgh Airport’s request for airspace change, denied

Posted: 1 November 2018 | | No comments yet

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has denied Edinburgh Airport’s request to change the airspace surrounding the airport.


The CAA commented that: “airspace change proposals vary greatly in terms of size, scale of impact and complexity. Some may have little noticeable operational or environmental impact. Others may require a complex restructuring of airspace with consequences both for airspace users and the environment, including people on the ground impacted by noise. Because controlled airspace carries with it requirements that affect the aircraft and pilots that fly in it, an airspace change can impact airspace users in different ways. In addition, a revision to air traffic control procedures may not involve a change to the design of UK airspace, but it may still have consequences for other airspace users, the environment and people on the ground.”

Following the CAA’s decision to reject Edinburgh Airport’s application for airspace change, the airport’s Director of Communications, Gordon Robertson, said: “We are disappointed with the CAA’s decision as we believe that it is important that airspace change is addressed for Scotland, allowing the country to continue to benefit from growth in air travel.

“We note that the CAA has based its decision on a view that we submitted a proposal which does not accord with the material that was provided to stakeholders in consultation, which in the CAA’s opinion could have made people respond differently to the questions asked.

“Specifically, the CAA has noted that by the time the proposal was made, there had been further amendments to the projected levels of traffic for some of the routes that meant further consultation was necessary.

“Although we believe that we have gone above and beyond the required procedures to ensure that we have fully consulted with and involved our communities, we accept the decision and will recommence the consultation process and undertake the necessary work to support this.

“We now have to use our knowledge and learnings from the process to formulate our next steps to deliver the Airspace Change Programme as soon as possible.

“Our goal remains to provide greater connectivity and safe, efficient and sustainable travel opportunities for Scotland.

“We have already put in a tremendous amount of thorough and balanced work, which we will build on, to bring about that change that Scotland and the UK’s airspace needs. We look forward to continuing engagement with our wide stakeholder community, our local elected representatives and their encouraging support.”

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