Heathrow searches for off-site construction partners which will develop hub

Heathrow said off-site construction is expected to make the hub’s project more affordable and sustainable, as representatives visit 65 potential partners.


EXPANSION: Heathrow looks for somewhere for off-site construction around UK

Heathrow has been looking for sites to assist in the New Logistics Hubs which will help build as much of expanded Heathrow off-site as possible – reducing the cost and environmental impacts of the project and spreading jobs across UK. 

Sixty-five sites have been visited as part of Heathrow’s list of potential partners and the shortlist will be revealed early 2019. Originally 121 sites expressed an interest in the development project. 

The nationwide tour concludes in the Midlands with the Heathrow team visiting sites from Balfour Beatty, SEGRO and Prologis located in Tamworth, Derby and Daventry.

After the landslide vote, Heathrow invited organisations to demonstrate how their business could contribute to the infrastructure project that is the expansion of the airport. 

For the sites that have made it this far there will be a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). After this phase, the shortlist will be announced, with the final four sites published later in 2019. Construction can then begin in 2021.  

Heathrow has said these hubs are integral to ensuring that the entirety of the UK can benefit from the expansion of the airport. The project is hoped to spread job creation and economic benefits up and down the country.

It is also expected off-site construction will help make the project more affordable and sustainable –by transporting assembled components in consolidated loads.

Emma Gilthorpe, Expansion Executive Director at Heathrow said: “Heathrow expansion is much more than the delivery of Britain’s new runway. Expansion is a once in a generation opportunity to transform British construction as the country prepares for life post-Brexit. This nationwide tour has shown us the possibilities offsite construction offers and we’re looking forward to announcing the shortlist early next year.”

Research from WPI Economics shows that, over time the approach could spur growth in off-site construction and potentially lead to a productivity boost worth £30 billion for the industry outside of London by 2020.

Business & Industry Minister Richard Harrington said: “We want the UK to lead the bytes and mortar revolution within the built environment and our construction sector deal lays the foundation to take advantage of these opportunities – boosting productivity, creating better jobs and increasing new offsite manufacturing technologies to speed up construction.

“The Heathrow Logistics Hubs have the potential to be an example of this modern construction in action, embodying the principles of our Industrial Strategy and benefiting millions by allowing businesses across the UK to harness the strengths of their own regions to deliver a landmark infrastructure project.”

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