Pharma.Aero and IATA sign MoU to foster collaboration

In a bid to formalise their partnership, Pharma.Aero has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) with IATA. The move should foster collaboration with all stakeholders supporting the CEIV Pharma industry standard.


The MoU was signed at the World Cargo Symposium, which took place in Dallas from 13-15 March 2018.

Nathan De Valck, Chairman of Pharma.Aero, said that formalising the partnership would allow the organisation to upscale its initiatives and enrol the projects within a larger international platform in the life science-air freight industry. “It’s an important milestone. The MoU underlines our vision to foster collaboration with all air cargo stakeholders that support the CEIV Pharma industry standard,” he commented. 

IATA created CEIV Pharma (the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics) product handling certification to help organisations and the entire air cargo supply chain to get on the right track to achieve pharmaceutical handling excellence. It addresses the industry’s need for more safety, security, compliance and efficiency. Pharma.Aero was subsequently set up in 2016. A joint initiative between Brussels Airport and Miami International Airport, it was launched to improve pharma handling and quality in the air cargo industry worldwide. 

Glyn Hughes, IATA’s Global Head of Cargo, said of the MoU: “The CEIV Pharma certification program provides participants in the air cargo value chain with the tools and the means to ensure that they are operating to the highest standards for the handling and transport of life saving medicines. This MoU between Pharma.Aero and IATA formalises an ongoing collaboration between the two organisations, with the aim of better assisting the industry in improving the quality of services for pharmaceutical handling and transport in the air cargo industry worldwide.”

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