FedEx open cargo hub at Shanghai Airport

The facility, which is capable of processing up to 36,000 packages and documents every hour, reinforces Shanghai’s reputation as a shipping capital.


BRAND NEW: Shanghai shifted 3.8356 million tonnes of cargo and mail in 2017

One of the world’s biggest courier companies has opened a new cargo hub at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

FedEx’s new facility will, the company has said, provide greater connectivity and convenience to its global network and overseas markets for customers in eastern China, particularly those shipping to the US and Europe.

The Shanghai International Express and Cargo Hub is the largest of its kind at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The 134,000 square-metre facility is equipped with a dedicated Customer Care Centre as well as cold chain facilities.

“The Asia Pacific region remains the growth driver of the world,” said David Cunningham Jr, president and CEO, FedEx Express. “This new Hub adds yet another major facility to our already comprehensive regional and global network, giving our Asia Pacific customers reliable access to international markets.”

FedEx currently has 66 weekly flights in and out of the Hub. With a fully automated sorting system, the new facility can process up to 36,000 packages and documents per hour. It utilises information technology to send real-time information, including flight and shipment status to customers’ mobile devices so they can arrange pick-ups accordingly and reduce logistics cost. It also has dedicated areas for China Customs and China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ).

“The FedEx Shanghai Hub marks another milestone that helps support the economic growth of east China. By continuously enhancing our services and facilities, we can provide our customers an edge in the fast moving and ever-changing business environment,” said Karen Reddington, president, Asia Pacific, FedEx Express.

The Cold Chain Centre is targeted at supporting the healthcare industry, one of the fastest growing sectors in the Asia Pacific region. It is equipped with temperature-controlled storage ranging from -22°C to 25°C and offers “standard cold chain logistics solutions tailored to different healthcare products such as medicines, semi-finished medicines and pharmaceuticals”.

Shanghai has ranked among the top three international shipping centres in the world for ten consecutive years with a cargo and mail throughput of 3.8356 million tons in 2017.

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