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Lyngsoe Systems is market leading in using RFID to improve baggage handling within the aviation industry…

Lyngsoe Systems is market leading in using RFID to improve baggage handling within the aviation industry.

Lyngsoe uses RFID to measure baggage handling processes. Our solution is independent and does not require integration with other solutions or existing IT. The measurements provide vital information to airlines and airports enabling them to improve their processes. The data can be analyzed in cooperation with your baggage specialists and Lyngsoe’s consultants.

Tom Del Valle, Senior Vice-President – Domestic Airport Services for American Airlines, states: “We have used Lyngsoe’s solutions at a few of our cornestone airports in the United States, and they have been instrumental in helping us identify and follow-up in key areas of American’s baggage handling operations. We will continue to use the data provided by the Lyngsoe solutions to help us make more informed decisions about our operation, and ultimately improve the customer experience.”

Lyngsoe also uses RFID as a smarter alternative to the use of barcode for sortation. The solution is based on proven technology and it is installed in existing baggage handling systems without interruptions to the operation.

Søren Svendsen, CEO Aalborg Airport, states: “We needed a new solution that could help us handle an extensive increase in number of baggage. RFID is the future for baggage handling and will be able to provide us with new possibilities for accurate baggage handling and passenger services that we could not provide without it. Therefore, Lyngsoe’s RFID solution will be the platform for a completely new way of providing passenger services. RFID technology is supported by IATA, which is very important for us and the industry”.

Lyngsoe has a holistic view on the aviation industry challenges. We study, analyze and recommend improvements, which our customers evaluate and subsequently implement.

Lyngsoe is at your disposal if you want to improve your baggage handling. Please contact me directly.

Jan Poulsen, Director Sales [email protected]

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