CA+ establishes partner, Eastra Solutions, for African Airport Market

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Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) and Eastra Solutions jointly announce details of a regional distribution partnership…

CA+ supports AIDX flight data format

Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+), the non-aeronautical airport revenue management software solution, and Eastra Solutions, a Nairobi based solution provider, jointly announce details of a regional distribution partnership for the African Airport market.

The collaboration between the two companies brings more added value to African airports seeking to increase their non-aviation revenues.

The synergy between the two companies began with a recent 5 year contract win for Kenya Airport Authority (KAA).

The skillset of Eastra, who specialise in systems integration and enterprise IT operations and services, combined with CA+, bring a unique and innovative facet to airport concession management. African airports will have the opportunity to better manage their concession and property contracts, automate the collection of sales data from concessionaires, as well as the calculation of revenue shares, and export billing to concessions. This will contribute towards more efficient and effective airport commercial teams, using a single role-based online portal for all non-aeronautical revenue management.

In addition, the CA+ solution enables airports to collect transactional sales data from each concessionaire even though they may each be running their own individual POSs on different systems. All sales data is then integrated into a single platform, where sales can be correlated with concession contracts, flight data and other operational information. This provides airports with a real time level of insight never before possible, allowing them to assess sales patterns and boost their non-aeronautical revenues.

CA+ will provide an overall improvement in the sales data collection process, enabling more efficient automation of contract management and analysis, replacing much of the spreadsheet and manual input of data that today dominates most airport commercial teams. Airports will then be more able to work with concessionaires to further enhance their performance, optimizing non-aeronautical sales and enhancing revenue management, thus improving the position for both concessionaire and airport.

With support from CA+, Eastra will be implementing the solution at various African airports, providing on-going support to the airports’ IT and commercial teams and as well as their concessions. Both companies will be responsible for installing, configuring and testing the solution, as well as training all users.

John de Giorgio, the CEO of CA Plus Limited, commented that “the African airport market is developing rapidly, with increased investments being made in infrastructure. With the help of our strategic partnership with Eastra, CA+ will enable African airports to secure their commercial revenues in order to sustain further investment.”

David Kabundu, Managing Director of Eastra Solutions, commented that “We partnered with CA Plus Limited because we feel that their product addresses the needs of many African airports and would enable efficient management of their concession-based commercial business which they are growing to rely on”.

For more information on how airports can improve their non-aeronautical revenues, get in touch by emailing [email protected].

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