HKIA: Smart security screening revolutionises passenger experience

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Passengers at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) are set to be the first in the world to experience new smart security screening tech.

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Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) are set to introduce a new smart security screening system at Hong Kong International Airport. This will further improve operational performance and passenger experience. From July 2024, the new system will be implemented into service. HKIA will be the first in the world to use smart security screening channels across the whole airport.

Passengers who use the new smart security screening channels will now be able to keep laptops, mobile phones and other electronics, as well as aerosols, gels and liquids in their carry-on luggage. They will no longer have to remove them for screening, as is required by existing protocol.

The latest 3D and 360-degree CT-based X-ray scanning technology has enabled the procedure. The new system is also equipped with other passenger-focused functions; these include auto-tray rejection, in-built tray sterilisation and an automatic alert to passengers for uncollected items on the tray.

For passengers who fail to clear the archway metal detector, further screening will be conducted in a new full-body scanner, replacing the existing manual search that uses a hand-held detector. The advanced imaging technology deployed in the full-body scanner can accurately locate any concealed items while reducing physical contact between passengers and security staff. To protect passengers’ privacy, only a simple outline of the body will be shown on the screen.

The new passenger security screening system, featuring fifty channels and thirty-two full-body scanners, will be installed and put into operation in Terminal 1 by phases. The first batch at South and North Departures Immigration Halls in Terminal 1 will be put into service on 2 July 2024. Apart from enhancing passenger experience, operational efficiency can also be achieved by introducing the new smart security screening system, increasing the average throughput by about 20%.

Steven Yiu, Executive Director, Airport Operations of AAHK, said: “At HKIA, we attach great importance to aviation safety as well as passenger experience. We will adopt the new smart security screening channel in the entire airport. The upgrades of the security screening system at HKIA not only further enhance the overall screening performance, but also make mandatory airport procedures more pleasant to passengers, with the existing aviation security standards and requirements remaining intact.”

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