UrbanV and ICAD join forces to bring AAM to Middle East

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UrbanV and ICAD Holdings LTD have joined forces to bring AAM to the Middle East region, collaborating on technology integration.

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ICAD Holding LTD have joined with UrbanV to develop vertiport operations and infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

This partnership is aiming to establish a blueprint plan for vertiport operations, including take-off and landing procedures, integration of technology systems and creating a plan to operate vertiports and vertiport networks in the Middle East.

The agreement means that UrbanV and ICAD will co-operate in order to explore shared opportunities to develop projects in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) throughout the region.

UrbanV will leverage its expertise in vertiport planning, design, network analysis, business planning, route evaluation, and interaction with regulatory authorities. Additionally, UrbanV’s extensive global network in the AAM sector will support various stakeholders, including private and public entities, in the region.

ICAD will contribute its broad expertise across various sectors, including construction, technology integration, and operational management, to support UrbanV in building and managing vertiports. This includes contracts for aeronautical and non-aeronautical aspects of vertiport operation and maintenance.

The collaboration aims to accelerate the development of AAM and UAM services in the Middle East, establishing a robust infrastructure network that will facilitate the seamless integration of aerial mobility solutions into the region’s transportation ecosystem.

Carlo Tursi, CEO at UrbanV, said: “At UrbanV, we aim to improve people’s lives by enabling a fast, efficient, safe and clean alternative to existing transport solutions for people and goods over short distances, by air. We have the ambition to become a major global operator of vertiport networks and we will be global pioneers in establishing some of the first AAM routes worldwide. We are excited to partner with ICAD, a global leader in its field, and we look forward to exploring together with them the great potential of introducing advanced air mobility in the Middle East and beyond.”

Rabih El Sayegh, Board Member at ICAD, said: “We are thrilled to embark on this groundbreaking partnership with UrbanV, which marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Advanced Air Mobility in Saudi Arabia. ICAD’s commitment to excellence in infrastructure, construction, technology integration, operation and maintenance will be pivotal in developing state-of-the-art vertiports. This collaboration underscores our dedication to pioneering innovative solutions that will transform the regional transportation landscape.”

Ziad El Sayegh, CEO at ICAD, said: “ICAD is proud to join forces with UrbanV to spearhead the development of vertiport infrastructure in the Middle East. Our extensive experience in construction and technology integration positions us uniquely to support UrbanV in realising their vision for a seamless infrastructure for aerial mobility network. Together, we will create a robust framework for vertiport network operations that not only enhances connectivity and passenger experience but also sets new standards for efficiency and sustainability in urban air mobility.”

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