Eindhoven Airport invests in lifting aids to lighten workload of baggage handlers

Posted: 27 December 2023 | | No comments yet

Using the lifting aid significantly reduces physical strain for baggage workers.  

Credit: Eindhoven Airport

Credit: Eindhoven Airport

With an investment in lifting aids, Eindhoven Airport is taking an extra step to lighten the workload of baggage employees. This month, three transfer belts were installed that allow employees in the baggage hall to unload baggage from arriving flights easily and quickly. In addition, in the first quarter of 2024, a lifting aid will be installed in the baggage hall on a trial basis that will allow baggage for departing flights to be loaded easily and quickly. Based on experience, it will be decided whether and how soon the airport can install these lifting aids at all 18 loading bays. Using the lifting aid significantly reduces physical strain.  

Mirjam van den Bogaard, Chief Operations Officer Eindhoven Airport: “The working conditions of airport employees are very important to Eindhoven Airport. Therefore, in consultation with our handling agent, we are constantly looking at where we can improve things and how we can make the work of baggage employees less stressful. This investment in lifting aids is a clear example of that.” 

Handler Viggo is also working to make the work of baggage handlers easier. Starting in January, the handler is testing a lifting aid for the powerstow (type of conveyor belt for loading and unloading luggage in/out of the aircraft). This attachment will make it easier for their employees to load and unload baggage on the apron. If this lifting aid is well liked, the handler will order nine more. These are then expected to be put into service in the third quarter of 2024. To reduce the need to pull and push luggage carts, Viggo recently purchased an electric tug with which carts can be linked together ergonomically on the platform. This machine is also suitable for moving multiple carts in the walking area. Tools that have been used for years include the automated baggage sorting system in the baggage hall and powerstows for loading/unloading aircraft.   


Eindhoven Airport and Viggo, together with TU/Delft, are also looking at how innovation, new technologies and smart solutions can be used to make the work of ramp workers loading aircraft lighter. This mainly involves making the last bit of lifting in the hold of the aircraft lighter. This concerns only passengers’ hold baggage; no cargo flights are carried out at Eindhoven Airport. Passenger hold luggage will enter the hold loose; no roll cages will be used. Sixteen students will spend 12 weeks researching how to reduce lifting in the hold with the goal of delivering a realistic minimum viable product. The premise is that it can be tested in an operational environment. Eindhoven Airport remains committed to further easing the workload of baggage handlers. Together with its partners, the airport wants to ensure that effortless lifting and moving of baggage becomes the norm. 

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