San Diego International Airport to receive new restaurants and retail shops

The San Diego Airport Authority ensured the airport’s new Terminal 1 will feature restaurants and shops that capture San Diego’s spirit.

San Diego airport retail

San Diego International Airport’s new Terminal 1 will feature restaurants and shops that look, feel, and taste like San Diego.

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Board ensured that San Diego International Airport’s new Terminal 1 will feature restaurants and shops that look, feel, and taste like San Diego.

The Board approved the final group of New T1 concessions leases for restaurants and retail shops that offer a mix of local, regional, and some national brands. The first concession lease was approved by the Board in early June. A total of six concessions operators will open 19 restaurants and seven retail stores in the New T1. The first phase (19 gates) is slated to open in 2025, with the remaining 11 gates in early 2028.

The concessions operators selected to fill the 32,000 square feet for food and beverage space, and 14,000 square feet for convenience retail space are: High Flying Foods, Areas San JV LLC, Paradies Lagardere@SAN, LLC, Marshall Retail Group LLC, Emerging Domestic Market Ventures Inc., and McDonald’s USA, which represent the following brands and concepts, many of which are well-known to San Diegans:

  • Food and Beverage: Kettner Exchange, Puesto, Mostra Coffee, Parakeet Café, Better Buzz, Cutwater Restaurant & Bar, Lofty Coffee, Understory Bar & Restaurant, NOVO Brewing, El Pez, Taco Stand, Ambrosio 15, Herb & Air, SIP Wine & Beer, NOVECIENTOS GRADOS – A Tony Hawk Public House, Luna Grill, Mr. Moto Pizza, Carnitas Snack Shack, Grab & Go Subs, Café Moto, Chick-fil-A, and McDonald’s.
  • Retail, Convenience, and Gifts: Gaslamp Marketplace, Hip & Humble, SAN Supply Co. and Goods Express @ SAN, Goods Univision Travel Store, No Boundaries, The Commissary, InMotion, WHS Smith, Liberty Station, and The Arts District Market.

“We were extremely impressed with all the proposals for restaurants and retail shops we received,” said Kimberly Becker, CEO and President of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. “Proposers were required to meet specific concept, design and operational criteria that will help SAN offer our customers a wide selection of regional and national brands. We were pleased that all of the proposals were competitive and compelling.”  

When selecting the concessionaires, the airport looked for a variety of local, regional, and national names, while taking into consideration financial capability and experience, concept development, unit location design, materials and capital, environmental sustainability, small business inclusion, and customer service. Restaurants were required to offer menu options to meet customer needs for full-service casual dining, quick service (“fast food”), gourmet coffee/bakery, and bars with appetizer plates. In addition, the menus are tailored to a broad variety of tastes and nutritional needs, served as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. 

Four of the six concessionaire operators selected are new to the Airport Authority and two of the operators, High Flying Foods and Paradies Lagardere@SAN, LLC, have existing leases for restaurant and retail space. All operators will have ACDBE-certified (Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) business participation through either joint venture partnerships, subleases, or vendor/suppliers.  Two leases will be assigned to or operated by an ACDBE prime concessionaire.

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