New farm-to-terminal dining concept and tech-enhanced hospitality at Denver International Airport

OTG Management will partner with local community organisations to celebrate the Chefs, Farmers, Brewers and Purveyors that have turned Denver into the culinary destination that it is today.

OTG x DEN Food Hall Bar. Credit: OTG Management.

OTG, the hospitality group responsible for transforming airport dining experiences, has announced the 2024 opening of two food and beverage concepts within Denver International Airport‘s United Airlines Concourse B-East. This initial entry into the Denver market will include the introduction of Sunset Loop Bar & Grill, a new concept curated specifically for Denver International Airport that celebrates the Mile High City’s local food culture, as well as Starbucks, the beloved national coffee chain. OTG will also integrate its mobile-first technology, flo™ Xgen, within the Concourse B-East experience, which will aim to streamline travel for customers while easing operations on in-terminal restaurants.

OTG x DEN Sunset Loop Market. Credit: OTG.

“OTG is passionate about introducing new culinary concepts that echo the airport’s sense-of-place and serve as a true extension of the community’s food scene,” said Rick Blatstein, CEO of OTG, “We are excited to partner with local community organisations and celebrate the Chefs, Farmers, Brewers and purveyors that have turned Denver into the mecca of culinary innovation that it is today. Coupled with OTG’s technology innovations, we’re confident that Concourse B-East will be both a seamless and enjoyable experience for travellers and employees alike and assist Denver International Airport with its goal of serving 100 million annual passengers.”

The one-of-a-kind Sunset Loop Bar & Grill will be an all-day dining experience offering elevated, health-conscious cuisine and traditional American fare, with a locally sourced menu overseen by Denver-based Chef Daniel Young (“Chef D”). Chef D has spent the past 40 years as a leading figure in the Denver food scene and is an expert in creating healthful meals that are high in protein and low in carbs and fat. His proficiency in nutrition led him to his current role of over 15 years as the personal chef of the Denver Nuggets. He is also renowned in the community for his philanthropic efforts.

“Food is my life’s passion, and I’m fortunate to have built a vibrant culinary career right here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, where we enjoy a wealth of healthy and sustainable ingredients,” said Chef Daniel Young. “Whether you’re departing from or passing through Denver, Sunset Loop Bar & Grill will be the perfect stop along your journey to experience a delicious selection of dishes and cocktails that truly reflect this region and all the natural resources it has to offer.”

OTG x DEN Starbucks. Credit: OTG.

Chef D’s dishes will be served in an open space inspired by the Denver sunset; warm woods, rich materials and elegant brass and black metal accents are set against a hand-painted tile mural depicting the Sunset Loop trails, the restaurant’s namesake series of hiking routes found in White Ranch Park in Golden, CO. The centerpiece of the restaurant will be an expansive bar with over 30 seats. There, travelers will be able to relax and indulge in signature cocktails inspired by the city, as well as a rotating menu of beers from Denver’s famous craft beer scene, including Colorado Cider Company, New Belgium Brewing Company and Lone Tree Brewing.

In addition to extensive bar seating and comfortable dining tables, Sunset Loop Bar & Grill will offer a sprawling, 67-foot-long market with locally sourced products and prepared foods for travelers in a hurry, as well as an adjacent communal seating area, where guests will be able to order dishes from the restaurant’s menus while waiting at nearby gates. Anchoring the corner of Sunset Loop Bar & Grill will be a signature Starbucks with a sculptural build inspired by the natural rock formations found across the Colorado mountains. This singularly designed location will be fully outfitted with mobile ordering capabilities, ultimately allowing travelers to place their coffee orders in advance and cut down on time spent waiting in line. Customers can also rest assured that their coffee is a product of responsible farming and purchasing practices and a company committed to reducing its environmental footprint.

“We are excited to partner with OTG as they bring a fun, new concept to our airport,” said DEN Senior Vice President of Concessions Pam Dechant. “We’re always looking for ways to make travelling through DEN a breeze, and the ability to bring mobile ordering to our passengers takes service to the next level.”

OTG’s new hospitality concepts within Concourse B-East will be powered by its industry-leading flo™ Xgen technology, which enables customers to place their food and beverage orders through a mobile platform across all OTG restaurants and retail markets. From wherever the order is placed, the platform’s contactless payment will allow users to complete their transaction with either a credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal or their United airline miles, all with one click. OTG is thrilled to introduce this best-in-class technology at DEN with the goal of providing a safe, convenient and unparalleled customer experience, along with streamlined restaurant operations that allow for greater focus on the delivery of quality dishes and exceptional service.

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