Ontario International Airport increased passenger volumes in September

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Ontario International Airport experienced an increase to passenger volumes in September 2021, with a rise of 97 per cent more than pre-COVID-19 levels and 132 per cent from 2020 results.

Ontario International Airport’s passenger volumes increase for September

The number of passengers who moved through Ontario International Airport (ONT) in September 2021 increased more than 132 per cent from 2020 and approached 97 per cent of pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels, as the Southern California gateway moves closer to full recovery from the impact of COVID-19 on global air travel.

According to data compiled by the Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA), the airport welcomed more than 453,000 air travellers last month, more than double the September 2020 total of 195,000. September’s totals were just three per cent behind the pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels September 2019, when 469,000 passengers flew into or out of ONT.

Domestic and international traffic increased 130 per cent and 242 per cent, respectively, in September 2021. When compared with September 2019, domestic travel was down just one per cent, while international passenger volume was 47 per cent lower.

Over the first nine months of 2021, total passenger volume exceeded three million, 59 per cent higher than the same period in 2020, and 24 per cent lower than 2019. Domestic travel was 62 per cent higher on a year-to-date basis while international volume was up three per cent.

“Ontario International continues to be a bright spot in the aviation industry’s ongoing COVID-19 pandemic recovery,” said Curt Hagman, an OIAA Commissioner and Chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. “Having watched the transfer of ONT from the City of Los Angeles five years ago, I believed then just as I do now that we have the benefit of a broad and loyal customer base, along with the ability to provide a hassle-free customer service experience in a vital gateway airport that is safe and secure.”

Credit: Ontario International Airport (ONT)

Shipments of air freight and mail in September 2021 totalled more than 70,000 tonnes, 9.4 per cent lower than September 2020, but 15.4 per cent higher than 2019. For the first nine months of the year, total cargo volume was more than 644,000 tonnes, a 3.5 per cent decline compared with 2020, but 15.6 per cent higher than 2019.

“In addition to creating an airport which is attractive to our partner airlines and their passengers, we’ve made dramatic improvements on the cargo side with expanded and modern facilities which appeal to shippers,” added Hagman.

Credit: Ontario International Airport (ONT)

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