Bristol Airport announces multi-million-pound transport improvement

Posted: 4 November 2020 | | No comments yet

The new Public Transport Interchange facility will enhance the passenger and staff experience and deliver an improvement in accessibility.

Bristol Public Transport Interchange facility

Bristol Airport has announced that it is bringing forward the construction of its new multi-million-pound Public Transport Interchange (PTI) facility.

The new facility is set to deliver substantial improvements for passengers and staff who use public transport, with increased capacity and new facilities, enhancing their experience at the airport interchange point.

The proposed development is located in the north of the airport site, to the west and north of the main terminal building. The development site lies wholly within the operational area of the airport.

Specific improvements include:

  • A covered walkway from the PTI to the terminal
  • A dedicated building which will encompass a passenger concourse
  • New pedestrian routes and vehicle access
  • Additional capacity for public transport vehicles
  • A new taxi rank and taxi service reception
  • Electric charging units
  • Food and beverage offerings
  • Toilet facilities.

The new PTI will be adjacent to the terminal on the site of the existing Drop and Go Zone, to the west of the terminal building and south of the hotel.

The location of the PTI will provide ease of access to the terminal and all associated facilities. It is proposed that the existing Drop and Go Zone will be relocated to the existing car parking area to the north of the terminal and adjacent to the multi-storey car park. This will ensure access for all pedestrians to the terminal remains safe and convenient.

Dave Lees, CEO of Bristol Airport, said: “The proposed new Public Transport Interchange will enhance the accessibility of the airport for passengers and staff using public transport. Sustainability and greener growth is at the heart of Bristol Airport’s plans and this development supports our ambitions to become carbon neutral for direct emissions by 2025 and a net zero airport by 2050. The PTI will deliver a substantial improvement in the public transport offering at the airport.”

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