Runway maintenance project completed at Auckland Airport

The runway project ran smoothly, with approximately 12,800 tonnes of concrete transported to the site in 890 truckloads.

Runway maintenance occurs at Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport’s runway has returned to its full length after a successful maintenance programme to replace 280 large slabs of concrete.

On 24 May, the runway was reduced by 1,100m to allow for planned maintenance to take place – work which was brought forward following the initial outbreak of COVID-19.

Auckland Airport’s General Manager Infrastructure, André Lovatt, said the project had run smoothly with around 12,800 tonnes of concrete transported to the site in 890 truckloads.

“As challenging as COVID-19 has been for those of us in aviation, the downturn provided an opportunity to bring forward this important $26 million project,” Lovatt said. “This was a significant project with 12km of new electrical cabling installed beneath the surface of the runway to support the airfield lighting system. Before we even got to pour the giant concrete slabs, 2,200m3 of cement-treated basecourse had to be laid – enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.”

Lovatt said with the project successfully completed, Auckland Airport was considering another smaller-scale project at the western end of the runway, involving the replacement of 80 slabs.

“Just as with the project at the eastern end, this is work we’ve already planned and budgeted for,” said Lovatt. “COVID-19 gives us a chance to bring that work forward to take advantage of the downturn in aviation traffic and minimise disruption for airlines.

“The level of collaboration to safely deliver projects like this cannot be underestimated, and we are thankful that the airlines, pilots associations, airways, the CAA and our designers and contractors have supported the maintenance programme in such extraordinary times.”

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